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The Internet, The End of Dictatorship!

Since the invention of the Internet, it shaped our life, our society, and our way of thinking.
Countries around the world implement the Internet according to their needs. Developed countries such as Europe and North America, implemented the Internet for the advancement of humanity, freedom of speech, freedom of information, and improving society. It is logical that there are businesses which benefit from the Internet and ICT applications. We can find huge companies and projects only depending on the Internet.

According to above factors, the Internet shaped the society and created different levels of ICT readiness and information societies.

In the dark side of the Internet which is in the Middle East, they don’t think of ICT applications and the Internet from society’s point of view. Governments in the region are looking for other factors:

–          Monopoly and stakeholders

–          Fundraising and pure profit

–           Spreading false information or even blocking the truth

–          Crackdown on cyber activists, bloggers, and journalists who criticize the governments etc.

From above points, we can find huge gaps between society, people, culture, governments, and policymakers.

Governments are using the same offline methods and tactics from dark ages and trying to apply it online. But people understand how to deal with advanced technology to bypass their governments.

By browsing the topics on my blog, you can understand how dictators and autocrats are dealing with the Internet. They think of the Internet as an Information weapon. It might be shut down when they need and according to their ideology- The same tactics of dark ages- If you can’t deal with it, kill it!

Governments in the Middle East are facing lots of troubles with their people especially youth. If they don’t understand how their people are thinking, their people will understand how to remove them.

They are connected, they are affected, they are dreaming, they are traveling around the world with simple clicks, they are creating friendships, relations, and they finally find their virtual reality. But living in this digital world makes it very easy to live it as a reality!

Social networking websites, blogs, video sharing, and mobile technology are the new tools of revolts.

Dictators started to realize the situation at point of no return. Egyptian government created lots of Facebook groups to stop the revolution or even recruiting supporters but it didn’t work. The Sudanese president Omer Al-Bashir has called on his supporters to use Facebook in order to overcome groups that are opposed to his rule. Will that work? I doubt!

Egyptians give new meaning for Internet revolution. This is simply when the Internet changes politics and shapes societies.


Long Live Egyptian People!

The War on Wikileaks…Assange Arrested!

The whistleblowing website’s Founder and editor- in- Chief “Julian Assange” remanded in custody until 14 December over claims he committed sex offences in Sweden.

As I stated in my last article, this war will bring more attention to the Wikileaks and specially the Cables which will be more controversial soon…!

Wikileaks team stated that whatever the case, they will continue publishing more cables every day. “Today’s actions against our editor-in-chief Julian Assange won’t affect our operations: we will release more cables tonight as normal”

It looks like more steps and actions will be taken as long as the war continues…

Wikileaks faced many problems in the past few days as the PostFinance, the finance arm of the Swiss Postal service SwissPost, said in a statement that it has closed the account of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, “after it was revealed that Assange provided false information regarding his place of residence.”

At Middle East level, few sources stated that UAE banned Wikileaks websites and additional countries might follow!

Arab Media continue to cover Wikileaks cables and their effects on the Middle East at low level attention especially when it comes to their countries’ problems. Only ALJAZERRA is covering more information but also from their point of view!

In regards to my technical scope, there are many cables that related to the Middle East which contain shocking information about security, communications, and even technology. I didn’t see any coverage for those cables anywhere in our media. One of the latest leaks related to this issue is this cable “HIZBALLAH GOES FIBER OPTIC”.  The cables really need lots of efforts and a team of researchers to study the situation from many perspectives.

Technology and the Internet are changing the world map and Arab world still think of the early ages of physical maps and borders!!!

Back to Wikileaks, I think that we will see more actions in the upcoming days. More leaks will be released and don’t forget “The Insurance File” which still encrypted!

Wikileaks team started their online defensive strategy. As I mentioned earlier, Wikileaks website is not the problem. If this Information becomes available online, no one will be able to shut it down or even delete it. That is why I see the war on Wikileaks Website is nonsense!

Look at the number of mirrors published online until this moment. It reached 748 websites contain an identical updated copy of the original Wikileaks websites. Smart Strategy to Survive!!!

This is the Power of Information Technology

In addition, Wikileaks published the whole files, leaks, documents, and directories on Torrent Networks. A single file contains all this could be found here!

The latest update about Wikileaks troubles stated that MasterCard and Visa withdraw their support for Wikileaks as no one will be able to donate to Wikileaks using any of their electronic cards!

I still see this as another stupid step in this war. Donations could still be sent using many methods that couldn’t be traced. How they will prevent donors to pay for any other accounts or groups then those groups will be easily sending the money to the Wikileaks!!!

Charles Arthur, the Guardian’s technology editor, points out that while MasterCard and Visa have cut Wikileaks off you can still use those cards to donate to overtly racist organizations such as the Knights Party, which is supported by the Ku Klux Klan

Smart people are using technology to serve their targets. What about us?


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Wikileaks: The Power of Information Warfare

I mentioned several times that we need to change the way we deal with technology. Technology in the Middle East is just about buying and selling new computers, mobile phones, gadgets, implementing ICT infrastructure with no security in mind, and Internet penetration without specific awareness.

Our policymakers, governments, and senior officials are dealing with technology as a method for distraction! They are still using the same tactics related to “Stone Age”…Countries who are still thinking of invisible ink in secret intelligence service can’t deal with the changing face of technology and related security techniques.

In a world that is working and depending on Information there is no power but information.

For the first time in history, one website will change the world map. Wikileaks the “whistleblower” website as they called it will send shock waves around the globe by publishing 250.000 US diplomatic cables started November 28, 2010. The trove reveals candid assessments of foreign leaders, secret details of the global anti-terrorist campaign and embarrassing details of American diplomats gathering sordid details of personal lives of foreign leaders including Arabs.

Although most of the revealed documents at the moment are not shocking especially when it comes to Middle East, it seems that we will see new shocking waves coming soon.

Imagining that all these secret documents are leaked from US department of states, embassies around the world, and other sources related to the US is something strange!

It might be something designed, developed, and delivered by the US to change the entire game. There’s no complete analysis until the moment but there is no doubt that we will see change in many things around the world especially in our region!

Why spend billions of dollars, killing other people, hiring assassins, or preparing armies while you can do it all and even change the whole world with few clicks!

That is the power of Information Warfare!

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